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Friday, September 23, 2011

Color Me Heartless!

In case you missed it, here is a clip from last nights GOP debate:

I suppose I now get to add heartless to the long list of disparaging labels I've collected over the last several years. Let's see if I can remember them all. I am now, apparently, a heartless, bitter clinging, bible thumping, homophobic, xenophobe, isolationist, teabagger, and a potential terrorist threat.

Did I miss anything?

I freely admit that I have not been a big fan of Rick Perry, particularly on the issue of illegal aliens. However, I have been struggling to keep an open mind about the GOP candidates, in hopes that one or more of them would step up and shake-off their previous baggage. So far I have been hugely disappointed.

I fully acknowledge that in-state tuition in Texas is a state issue. Although, I would question whether the source of this subside is fully Texas taxpayer money or a combination of Texas and Federal funds. That may be unknowable without a detailed examination of how Texas is using it's federal education dollars. A task I don't intend to undertake.

Mr. Perry seems to be of the opinion that it is in the best interests of Americans to provide for those who have entered our country illegally, up to, and including, a college education at budget rates.

Is it not enough that millions of American citizens are currently unemployed, or underemployed, while millions of illegal workers have jobs, not just as menials, but in skill positions in the trades. Some such as Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning author with the Washington Post, Salma Hayek, the popular actress, and even an Alaskan police officer aren't exactly picking tomatoes.

In Perry's own state of Texas, despite the job growth reported, 40% of which went to illegals, the hospital, healthcare, and social welfare systems are severely overburden. The cost to citizen taxpayers nationwide is enormous.

My own son, a legal immigrant, adopted in Brazil, and now a naturalized U.S. citizen is agonizing over whether he will be able to repay his student loans if he borrows the money to complete graduate school in an attempt to get out of his dead end, low paying, 25 hour a week job. 

I guess I should have just smuggled him into the country. Then he could apply to A&M at half-price!

IMO, Perry was displaying that Texas "Compassionate Conservatism" we all loved so much about George Bush. You remember him, right? The guy who said he'd build the fence. Yeah, this guy says it too.

I can't in good conscience vote for a man for President who doesn't seem to grasp that the United States of American is not some kind of gigantic halfway house to be funded by "charitable" contributions wrested from the pockets of its citizens, under threat of imprisonment.


  1. Like you Sarge, I had hoped that Perry would drop his protection of illegal aliens (via low tuition to Texas schools). I was wrong. So my question to you is, "What do we do now?"

    Romney is a Rino. Bachmann becomes alittle more weird each time I hear her. And the others don't have a chance at this time.

    What are your thoughts (besides secession that is)?

  2. Well, as to Perry and illegals, y'all have been hearing me say this since he first hit the stage: he's George Bush 2.

    State issue or not, he's using tax money to subsiduze their edumacation with the Texas DREAM act. What happens when he hits DC?

    Further, how does educating them AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE turn them into something other than a "drain on society"? Isn't that the VERY DEFINITION of draining society?

    On top of all that, once they get a degree, then what? THEY'RE STILL ILLEGAL ALIENS, and it's illegal for them to work in our country, so all you have is a bunch of unemployed college graduates... DRAINING SOCIETY!

    Does... not... compute...

    He sounds just like Juan McAmnesty did on this issue. I can see him going for amnesty.

    I gotta tell you, if I have to choose between Romney and Perry, give me Romney. At least, as a businessman, I know he'll live up to his campaign promises, especially as he doesn't seem to have a real personal agenda of his own. He's about the most politically-expedient guy I can think of.

    People talk about Romneycare; well, I give you PerryCare, the education of illegal aliens.

    Frankly, I'd prefer Bachmann or Santorum, probably in that order.

    As usual, the nxt election's going to be the GOP's to lose. Bat Ears is the most beatable guy there is; he's even worse than Carter.

    But the GOP has the bad habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. Sage,
    I have a problem with this. Granted this issue would be dead if the Feds had done their job but we've been screwing around with illegals for the last 100 years. Reagan our saint wasn't any better either.

    I see where he's comming from: educated illegal kids vs. ignorant illegal kids that might be criminals later on.

    The bottom line is what part of ILLEGAL doesn't anyone seem to understand at the top of the food chain?

    Perry is still our best bet. I just read that Christie might jump in. if that happens we have two RINOs in the game. Not good.

    I still believe perry is our best shot, IMO.

  4. Thank you all for commenting. I'm headed to the Outer Banks today but I will try and respond to comments tomorrow.

    Talk to ya'll soon.

  5. Relic,

    I have to admit that I have a bit of a problem with this as well. However people are putting labels on this that are not correct. The student in question must have (1) Lived in the State of Texas for more than three years, (2) Have Graduated from a Texas High School, and (3) Sign an affidavit swearing that he/she is pursuing citizenship.

    These students are not being "subsidized" - they are receiving the exact privilege that any other person in their situation would receive. I'm not advocating the policy - I just think that we are being lose about the terms that we are using to describe it. We;re making it sound worse than it is by creating a straw-man that doesn't match reality.

    There is a great article about it in the Dallas News here: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/headlines/20100314-Number-of-illegal-immigrants-getting-in-9925.ece

    I would strongly recommend that everyone read that article before they make a final judgment. There is a lot of misinformation connected to this.

    Thirty-eight percent of Governor Perry's constituents are Hispanic (about 10 million) and there are an estimated 1.6 million illegals in Texas - the Federal government is killing him.

    In my mind education is an ancillary issue - what has to happen is the Federal government has to close the border. Until that happens, States are left with having to deal with the mess.

  6. Well, I've now set up shop for the week in beautiful downtown Duck NC. It has not stopped raining since we got here but they tell us there is a chance of sunshine on Thursday.

    No matter. If I was home in Virginia it would be doing the same thing, it's only about 70 miles away.

    What the heck! I've got a couple of good books, a few old friends, a larder filled with good things to eat, and, after a little frustration....AN ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION!

    I'm golden! LOL!

  7. Given your disappointment, Sgt(not a)Relic, who would you like to see running for the nomination? Given the number of humanoids that are actually U.S. Citizens, surely there is at least one that would fit the bill for you.

    Off topic -- would you like me to change the URL to this blogspot blog? Sure looks like you have made yourself to home here.

    Oh, and trust you will have a great little vacation by the sea, by the sea ...

  8. Sgt Relic:

    That last paragraph was GREAT. I agree wholeheartedly except for one thing I would add, which is that my conscience would allow me to vote for someone who falls short (even way short) of my standards if the alternative is worse. Perry is not my guy but if he wins the nomination in spite of my efforts I will vote for him rather than give the leftists four more years to inflict their damage.

    The “heartless” comment was most definitely a window into Perry’s potential for progressivism. It flies in the face of his Tea Party reputation and should be a clear warning sign of danger ahead.

  9. Sarge,
    glad I found you here at Blogspot!
    Perry is trying to walk a fine line. He's trying to appease the mexican voters while blaming the whole thing on the feds for not enforcing the border in the first place. If he would come out and state that he would eliminate all incentives for illegals to stay here if the federal government would secure the border, he'd be back on the fast track. As is, I'm starting to lean toward Cain.

    Adding you to my blogroll in 5...4.....3.....2...

  10. Well, I'm back home again after what proved to be a beautiful week in the Outer Banks. The only sour note came when the Wi-Fi connection decided to go on vacation at the same time!

    I apologize for being so late answering your comments!

  11. Ghost,

    If memory serves me correctly, the secession thing didn't work out too well for us the last time we tried it. I guess we're stuck with the current system.

    I was already aware of the "illegal" baggage Perry was carrying which is why I was hoping he'd stay out. Same goes for Christie.

    I liked Cain when he first announced, in fact, I sent him some money back then. He faded for a while but he still topped my "A" list.

    To be honest, I really haven't felt a burst of enthusiasm for any of the GOP candidates.

    It looks to me as if we have another cavalry charge on our hands. IMO, that situation favors the money men rather than the voters.

    I'm in a wait and see mode. Maybe one or more of these candidates will decide to dump their progressive baggage, renounce their past sins, and move ahead of the pack.

    Who knows?

  12. Brian,

    You sing it brother and I'll hum the tune!

    I think we've agreed in the past that Governors are a better match for the presidency since the job is very similar. However, I have a default distrust for Governors of deep blue states. Too many compromises are required to get elected.

    I do agree that between Perry and Romney, Romney is more likely to yield to pressure from the base.

    Perry just scares me. There are just too many contradictions about him. He opposes E-Verify, thinks illegals help the economy, opposes fences, yet blames the federal government for the invasion.

    I smell an amnesty in the making if he is elected.

  13. Hardnox,

    Educate them for what? Legally they can't hold a job. (That's the illegal part you pointed out)

    It's all part the magnet that draws illegals here. Perry doesn't seem to get that.

    IMO, we are in the process of losing our heritage, culture, and language. It's not in the news, but you can bet it's in the minds of a large majority of voters.

    When it comes down to it. We can get this position from Obama. He'd be happy to erase the borders and throw open the country to all comers.

  14. Common Snse,

    I'm not arguing about the details of the Texas law. Although, in a strict constitutional sense, they have usurped a power granted to the federal government by conferring a status of citizenship on illegal aliens.

    You can't be a resident of any state without a resident visa granted by that federal government. But that is a different essay.

    I don't see why subsidy is not a correct label. State colleges and universities are only partially supported by tuition, fees, and services(think medical schools with hospitals).

    They are also supported by state & federal funds. The concept of in-state tuition is founded on the principle that attendees are either state taxpayers in their own right, or the offspring of taxpayers in that state.

    The colleges have a cost of doing business. The reduction in tuition is made up by taxes. It's a subsidy, pure and simple.

    It is just another magnet to draw illegals to the country.

    IMO, the federal government will never be successful in closing the border as long as these magnets continue to exist.

  15. Mrs. AL,

    I guess I'd say I'm leaning Cain but it's early yet.

    This didn't appear at Wordpress because I just ran out of time getting ready for our trip.

  16. CW,

    As you may know from seeing my comments at Brian's place, I've been know to get off the reservation in the past.

    I certainly don't consider myself a single issue voter. However, the illegal invasion is a hot button issue for me because of what I see as the long term consequences of failing to maintain our national sovereignty.

    IMO, it is tangled up in nearly every major issue from jobs to the economy, healthcare, social security, taxes, you name it and there is a component being impacted by this large scale invasion.

    How are we supposed to put our house in order when we are unwilling to even close the doors?

    It's chaos!

    I can get chaos from democrats. I'm looking for a candidate that understands what illegal means.

  17. Hi Crawfish!

    Thanks for linking me!

    I hear what your saying. Perry may still be too close to his democrat roots. IMO, he'd have been smart to duck behind states rights on the tuition thing and take a clear opposition position in terms of what he would do if he was president.

    He broke Reagan's Rule: Never speak ill of a fellow republican. Heck, he called the whole base HEARTLESS! Not smart.

    I know he's tried to walk that back but that's a big tamale!

    Hey, McAmnesty did much the same thing and wound up getting the nomination. Of course, he wound up getting beaten like a pinata.

    A portent?

  18. Good to have you back online, Sgt(not a)Relic. I have been leaning toward Cain from the beginning. I think one of the main factors is his ability to surround himself with the right kind of people. That's why his not having Governorship experience doesn't really rub me the wrong way. I will be listening carefully to ascertain whom he is seeking out for counsel on foreign policy also.

    I will leave you linked to your wordpress account for the time being. Just let me know if that changes.

  19. Sgt Relic,

    I do think that we are arguing all around the reality, Federal vs. State responsibility, and what is best for Texas and Texans. Here in my county in Virginia we were successful in passing the Rule of Law Resolution (6/15/2007) which targeted illegal immigrants. In many ways it was successful - though all it really did was shift those folks from our county to neighboring counties. The Hispanic males hanging out in front of our 7-11s just found new 7-11s across the county line.

    It was kind of humorous in that a sister Virginia county who called us heartless had an increase in "English as a second language" students that matched our losses in that area almost to the student. I hope their checkbook is as big as their heart. We saved $12 million.

    We solved our county's problems at some cost - but it didn't solve THE problem. There were some unintended consequences in small businesses and rental properties that took big losses. However our crime statistics dropped dramatically. I guess we slipped that under the wire before Barack Hussein Obama and his Injustice Department could hone in on us.

    Personally - I think that Governor Perry should try our solution - but that's easy to say from where I sit 1500 miles away. Since all but four Texas legislators voted for this school program in 2001 - I'll take their word for it that it's the best solution for them.

  20. Mrs. AL,

    I do think that the presidency is very similar to being a governor, just writ large. Further, I don't rule out being a chief executive of a major corporation as a qualification. It's not AS similar but still is on the same track.

    Cain has demonstrated his skill as a corporate CEO. I am not thrilled with his background with the FED, although he and Ron Paul, who has gone straight on to crazyland, are probably the two candidates who know more about it than any of the others.

    I'll probably continue to support Cain until he gives me a good reason not to.

  21. Common Snse,

    I remember when Prince William Cty took that action. I supported it wholeheartedly! I also lobbied my own representatives here in Chesapeake to push for it to become state law.

    Fortunately for us, the in-state tuition push here in Virginia was unsuccessful. However, that was not really my point.

    I'm looking at all these candidates and trying to gauge their track records, analyze their previous decisions, and try and get a sense of how closely their worldview matches my own.

    Most of us have never been personally acquainted with someone who became president.(I met Nixon's brother once) Consequently, we place tremendous power in the hands of someone every four years that we don't know from jack, and probably never will.

    I use the "past is prologue" approach in trying to predict tendencies of future performance. This has been greatly enhanced by the information age, and at the same time made more confusing. Huxley was right, it's information overload.

    Using that approach, whenever I find that a candidate has done something in the past that I personally wouldn't have done myself it throws up a big red flag.

    That is my problem with Perry. His previous actions make me question his commitment to using the power of the presidency to control illegal immigration in a manner that I would find acceptable.

    Also, his use of executive orders, used by presidents far too often IMO, makes me uncomfortable.

    Ultimately, I only control 1 vote. Here in Virginia we rarely get a chance to be the deciding factor in primaries so it is likely that the candidate will already be selected before I get a chance to use that vote.

    If Perry were to win the nomination then I would be forced to reexamine my thinking.

  22. Sgt. Relic,

    I agree with your rationale for picking - hopefully everyone is being that responsible. I fear that we are turning the process into on big "American Idol."

    My response on this and other blogs has principally been with the use of terminology that makes Perry's actions seem worse than they were and the lack of context in observing that decision. The legislature passed that law in 2001 with four dissenting votes. After that date Texans returned Perry to the governorship two more times. I think that Perry's constituents approve - he worked for them then. In January 2013 however, he will work for you and me.

  23. CS,

    I agree that with the growth of media into a 24/7/365 presence, that campaigns, particularly the last cycle, have taken on an American Idol feel to them.

    I submit that this is not a new phenomenon. If your old enough to remember the Kennedy/Nixon debates, you probably have heard the term TQ(television quotient). It refers to how good a candidate looks on TV.

    We are all familiar with the "best hair wins" axiom, among other image advantages. Campaigns spend a great deal of time and effort crafting these images. Some work, others don't.

    I personally find it disturbing when candidates start trying to do the "man of people" thing. I ask you; does anybody look more uncomfortable than these country club types when they turnout in brand new jeans and the inevitable $300 light blue business shirt, rolled twice at the cuff?

    I'm not even gonna' touch on Obama and his "mom" jeans! (well, I guess I just did)

    Honestly, I think for the vast majority of voters it is nothing more than a nationwide popularity contest. As I said above, we don't really know these people.

    In my experience, voters breakdown into a number of distinct groups. I won't try to list them all but some of the more prominent categories include:

    True Believers ( I think of them as Logo voters)

    The Apolitical (some think of them as independents but they are really just those that can't be bothered to pay any attention. They'll be decided by TV commercials in the last weeks of a campaign)

    Activists (That's us. Those that try to stay abreast of what's happening and may go so far as to set up a blog and write about it.)

    Single Issue Voters (push the right button and get a vote)

    Operatives (These are paid people. Think Carville, Rove, et al.)

    In the end, on election day, it will come down to who is the most popular, or least popular in some cases.

    As far as the Texas law is concerned, let me just say that if I had been a member of the legislature in 2001, there would have been 5 dissenting votes.

    And that is why the jury is still out on whether Perry will be working for me 2013.

  24. Sgt. Relic,

    You have the advantage - I was in elementary school when Nixon debated Kennedy - but I get your point.

    I feel we are in agreement on most issues. I just haven't heard enough to scape the Perry stickers off my vehicles yet.

  25. Well, today our socialist Governor signed our own DREAM act into effect here in Commiefornia. Just like Perry.

    Perry = Brown?

    This is really problematic. I'll be blogging on it soon, and will gove you a heads up.

  26. CS,

    If you agreed with me a 100% of the time you'd be the first! LOL!

  27. Brian,

    Wow! Gollyfornia must be a lot flusher than I thought. I know I've heard lots of folks from the Hollyweird crowd complaining about not paying enough in taxes.

    They should move to Virginia where my accountant has just informed me that I owe 7000% more than General Electric Corporation! HaHaHa!

  28. Okay, Sarge, my new essay's up. Come on by.

  29. Sgt Relic,

    Good essay and the comments are great. Yeah, Perry faltered where he coud have excelled. He IS right on the border fence as I have been down in that region and there is hundreds of miles of nothing. Too easy for them to climb over unseen. But his refusal to use E-verify hurt him.

    I WOULD support him as Veep as in Cain/Perry but I'd rather see Bolton in as Veep.

    But I will NEVER EVER support Mittens.

  30. Hi, Guns!

    Ultimately, cutting off the magnets that draw illegals to cross the border is the answer. E-Verify, coupled with stringent enforcement. Ending the anchor baby foolishness, and disqualifying illegals from obtaining any social services, etc.

    However, there will be those that will, and probably have, crossed the border for more nefarious purposes. A fence, or more likely, fences, together with technology, drastically increased patrol, and laws such as those passed in AZ and AL, would be necessary.

    You know from experience that if you can't secure the whole line, then you have to resort to obstruction and channeling. We have to think strategically.

    Perry doesn't seem to even agree that there is a problem, much less being willing to do what would be necessary to maintain our sovereignty.

  31. Sgt Relic,

    Agreed! I was arguing with a lib today about cutting the military and I asked them why not cut entitlements first and go from there.

    Enter "deer in the headlights" look.

    Keep up the good work.

  32. Sarge--welcome to blogspot. i have been here for a while--TH had WAYY to many problems and NOW they are not allowing bloggers to post. Come on by my blog anytime!