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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I Saved a Green Job!

Tonight the President will address the nation, for the umpteenth time, about jobs, or more properly, the lack of jobs. There is good bit of speculation out there over what exactly he can say that he hasn't already said before. You may remember from past speeches that he has relied heavily in these addresses on so-called Green Jobs as the ultimate panacea for our struggling economy and its resultant high unemployment rate.

Will the President once again go to the Green well? Will he tell us about how Government Motors managed to sell a whole 125 Chevy Volts last month?

I kind of doubt it, but just in case, lets examine some of the facts about the Green Economy compliments of CFACT's Marc Morano.

Is anyone really surprised?

Oh, I almost forgot. That Green job I saved today? Well, I did stop at Home Depot to buy grass seed and fertilizer for my currently underemployed, college educated yard guy! That's a Green Job, right? 


  1. Sarge,
    LOL, did you pay your yard guy $2 million?

  2. Way better than that! I'm paying him in carbon credits I earned for having a zero footprint for 24 hours when the power went out during Irene.

    Fat Albert will be soooo proud! LOL!

  3. Sarge,
    Excellent!!!!!!!!! :)

    Great line... I'm stealing that one. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Sgt Relic,

    Loved the piece with Megyn Kelly - it's a bit hard to focus on the other two with her on the screen. The Green fantasy is wearing a little thin.

  5. CS,

    That's the beauty of that video clip, ya' get your choice of fantasies!

  6. Sarge-and the so called "green" company touted as "the future" is now bankrupt!--go figure!

  7. G4L,

    Thanks for stopping by, and welcome!

    So far, bankruptcy is the ONLY possible future for so-called alternative energy. The current state of the art for photogalvanic solar cells is a little over 40% efficiency. Add to that the fact that they are ruinously expensive(100k a pop).

    It's a net negative energy source!

    The same currently goes for hydrogen, as well as windmills. Battery technology, while improving all the time, is still far too primitive and expensive to even consider wide spread usage of electric vehicles.

    Morano is right. The only current alternative to carbon energy is energy deprivation.

    I think we need to focus our attention on harnessing the energy of black holes. They have extraordinary power. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the one in DC where our money disappears! LOL!

  8. Sarge...
    I just keep thinking that all the money the Pied Piper wasted could have gone to the American people and he'd get change just like McDonalds!! Can you imagine each of us being able bodied with dreams and no capital could do with a million? Holy Cow. It is just astounding to me-every time!! Imagine how the economy could come back?

  9. Hi,Nee!

    Yeah, I started a successful business on a whole lot less than a million bucks. 20k + unlimited charm and good looks! LOL!

    You're right. Government is the roadblock standing in the way of American prosperity. Bad economies are the hallmark of central planning. Hayek called that tune a long time ago.

    Socialism and prosperity can not co-exist.

  10. Okay, that'll do it. With the option to log on using "Name/URL", I can make comments.

    Sooooooooooooooo... which one you gonna stick with?

  11. Good question, Brian.

    We've been really busy lately, you know how it goes, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, mothers visiting. Lots of natural disasters! LOL!

    We are headed to the Carolina Outer Banks this weekend for some down time. It is my hope to find some uninterrupted hours to really test both platforms.

    I really like the direct reply to comment function at WP, and it's once approved always approved moderation function. If BS has that capability, I haven't found it yet.

    Blogspot gives you better video handling, more control over appearance, and a simple drag and drop template. WP charges for improved fonts, increased video capability, and custom themes.

    Let's face it, this is NOT the Drudge Report, and I'm not Breitbart. I'll probably wind up here at Blogspot, but I'll let ya' know next week.

  12. In the meantime, I just posted a new essay regarding Bat Ears's speech a couple days ago. Come on by when you have the chance.

  13. Great post!

    The green job agenda is an example of the leftwing belief that if they can just control enough taxpayer money they can make the tail wag the dog.

    As for your green job from Home Depot, I’m not sure that counts. Here’s how it works according to all my decorating magazines: You take a 3,000 square-foot house in the hills of L.A. Then you tear it down, throw it away and build an 8,000 square-foot house in its place. Oh, don’t forget to save some wood from the old house to use as flooring so you can show your liberal friends and they can admire your dedication to preserving the environment. Install recycled countertops in the kitchen, where you will be walking on “green” flooring - imported from Italy. Use bamboo somewhere. Ignore all of the costs, resources and energy required to gather and install all of the other materials, including your solar-heated pool filled with 25,000 gallons of water. See? That’s how it’s done.

  14. CW,

    That sounds like a terrific plan! I only see one small flaw; I'd have to be dumb enough to live in California.