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Sunday, September 4, 2011

So Long Townhall!

Having finally taken the not so subtle hint from the folks at Townhall.com, namely the inability of TH tech to fix my blogroll(inop since the big change over in 2008). I still can’t add or remove blogger links, including a couple that have DIED!

Add to that the total cessation of my ability to post, and it will become obvious, even to trolls, who by the way will not be granted access to this blog, that the time to move on has come.

I have established new blogs both here and at Wordpress, and at least for the time being, I will be posting the same content in both places until I decide which I like better.

That’s about it. More to come. That is, after I manage to tweak both sites to suit my tastes!


  1. Welcome to blogger. I haven't bothered to visit TH in 2 years except to post at BrianR's blog. Too many trolls at TH and it was often difficult to post a comment for reasons unknown.

    I have wondered about Wordpress myself as I like that one can reply to a individual comment.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Welcome, Hardnox!

    You get the singular distinction of being my first visitor. Unfortunately, there is no prize for that accomplishment other than the extreme personal pride I'm sure you must be feeling at this moment. LOL!

    TH has really gone to the dogs. They keep promising to fix the host of problems but it just gets worse. Now even screen names can co-opted to a point were you can no longer be sure who is commenting.

    I have found many things that I like about Wordpress.(posting from mobile, etc) You pointed to probably the best example. Yet, Blogger has the larger TH expat community. GunnyG and Crawfish just to mention a few.

    I'm not ambitious enough to maintain both for long but I did want to test their various strengths before deciding.

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope to have something new up later this week!

  3. You crack me up!

    I'd be interested in your comparison of blogger vs Wordpress when the time comes.

  4. Hey, Sgt (not a) Relic. Haven't found you at WP yet. BTW, I used to blog here but found it too cumbersome for a person who is really really bad on the 'puter. WP is kind of like the MAC computer and blogspot is sort of like the PC/DOS based computer system, IMHO.

  5. "This Blog is Powered by Contempt for Liberals"

    I love that! Wish I had thought of it first.

    I don't understand TH at all (I've been locked out of my own blog there since last November). Why would a company abandon a successful site? Oh well. It's their loss.

    Mrs. AL is recommending your blog so you'd better not disappoint me (hahaha, just kidding). I'm pretty new here (Blogspot) too.

  6. Welcome, Mrs Al!

    I wasn't hiding, I just haven't had time this week to flesh out the two sites, so I hadn't tried to promote them.

    Mac vs. PC? Are you trying to start a war at my place? LOL! Just mentioning the two in the same sentence is like attracting the Eye of Sauron!

    Thanks for coming. I'll get up and running soon.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, CW!

    I appreciate the kind words for my little spurt of inspiration. Over the years I've built hundreds of websites for other people. I must have coded that "This blog powered by" line on nearly all of them.

    It got to be a running joke in my shop because of the various strengths or weaknesses of the hosting companies. Hence, this blog powered by Hamsters, Dilithium Crystals, etc.

    I agree that TH has really hit the bottom. I too have been locked out for sometime. Worse, IMO, is the recent screen name hijacking. I think I've seen you victimized by that over at Brian's place.

    I'll try to live up to Mrs Al's recommendation, but as we all know: There are only three things that are certain in this world, death, taxes, and construction I-64!

  8. Hey Sarge
    Who has passed on? I know of the lady that had Texas or something in her moniker...but, I don't like not knowing...

  9. irTexas passed away a couple years ago. That's the only one I can recall off the top of head. I still found it in poor taste that I couldn't remove the link.

    Worse than that, I could never add a link after the BIG change over in 2008.

  10. Welcome to blogspot, Sgt.

    I left TH, too. I did not mind the trolls; exchanges with others with different views interesting.

    But I do mind the dead links, circular links, and two year old posts on the TH community page.

    Good luck at your new home!

  11. detour,

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    TH seems to have made a conscious decision to focus on the front page and let the backroom blogs die on the vine. Tech issues abound, always with promised fixes that never come.

    Trolls are no longer just someone with a differing view, they are serial trolls, mimicking the screen names of legitimate bloggers and commenters. It's a mess!

    I'm happy to have made the transition and look forward chatting with you from time to time.

    Thanks for stopping by!